Coral Grant: High-Demand Life Coach

Coral Grant has always been driven, and she loves to share her passion with others in her life. As a child, she moved several times and was exposed to many difficult situations, such as poverty and abuse. Although this could have knocked her down, Coral Grant decided to use these situations as motivation and move forward with her life. She worked hard in school in order to get college scholarships, and after college decided to use her talents to help others as a life coach.

Grant worked with people such as Bob Proctor and Kevin Trudeau to learn the ins and outs of life coaching. She received certifications in the BEST, BSA, and ERKS EDNA techniques, as well as becoming a trained master energy practitioner and graduating from the Personal Success Institute. She quickly realized that this was what she loved to do, so she developed her own technique – the Subconscious Release Technique. Soon, she was promoting this technique all over the world to help others overcome challenges and meet their goals. She even used this technique to meet her husband, Mac!

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Grant has since been featured in the media for her success. She had her own TV show on the Oxygen and ION networks. She also co-hosted a radio show called Life Coach Radio Online. Coral Grant co-authored a book with one of her teachers, Bob Proctor, and later released her own DVD called ‘Magic of Manifesting.’ She has also been featured in several magazines. She has become a go-to for many other life coaches, who go to her for training and advice. Because of this, her technique has actually been used by many people around the world. She is now the head instructor and corporate trainer for Best Life Coaching Society, and is particularly passionate about helping girls and women reach their potential.

Coral Grant is still happily married to her soul mate, Mac, who joins her on her life coaching journey. She also is the proud mother of two active children, and loves spending time with them and encouraging them. She hopes to have more children in the future, as well as continuing to grow and improve as a life coach.


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