Coral Grant: How to Break Bad Habits

Coral Grant is a life coach who works with some of the world’s most successful business professionals. Many of the life coaching techniques that she uses focus on changing our bad habits into good habits that promote productivity and encourage clients to fulfill their potential. All of us have bad habits, but by developing an awareness of them, we can change them much more easily. Here are some tips to help you change the bad habits that have been wearing you down.

  • Instead of just trying to get rid of a bad habit, replace it with an active, positive behavior. For example, instead of just saying, “I won’t eat chocolate,” say, “I’m going to make healthy and fulfilling meals every day.” That way, when you’re craving chocolate, you have motivation to go and make yourself something nutritious instead of just thinking about how much you want the chocolate and that you wish you could have it.
  • Work with another person to break the habit. It could be someone else who is struggling with it, or it could just be a close friend or family member who can encourage you to stay strong. You’ll actually be more likely to successfully break the habit if you have someone else encouraging you to do it.
  • Use positive visualization. When you picture yourself getting a promotion, running a marathon, or having a happy and successful relationship, it will motivate you to keep trying.

Coral Grant helps her clients develop new habits and replace their old, unsuccessful ones with better choices.

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