Coral Grant: Tips for Better Public Speaking

Coral Grant is a life coach who is also an international speaker for The Global Information Network. She has also appeared on the ION and Oxygen television networks. Although public speaking can be quite daunting, with practice, it gets much easier. Since many of us need to be proficient in public speaking for our jobs, it is crucial that we master this skill. Here are some tips to make public speaking easier.

  • Pretend you are speaking to one person that you trust. This could be your significant other, a friend, your mom, even your pet! Envision that they are the only person in the audience, and your tone will come off very friendly and engaging.
  • If you feel yourself starting to get nervous, slow down while you are speaking. If you go too fast, people won’t be able to understand what you are saying and they will feel overwhelmed too. Even if it feels like you are moving in slow motion, you’ll make a better impact on your audience this way.
  • Make eye contact with people in the audience if you can. This makes your speech come off more genuine, and your audience will feel more connected to you. Don’t connect with one person the entire time, and don’t let your eyes flit around the room either – just slowly move from one person to another.
  • Be yourself. Your listeners will be much more engaged if they feel like they are listening to you instead of a script. This is why Coral Grant is such a good life coach.

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